NASA's Mars drops the helicopter Ingenuity ahead of the historic flight

In recent news, NASA's 'Perseverance' rover, called 'Ingenuity,' has lowered the mini helicopter before the historic first flight of the four-pound plane.

Four inches from the belly of perseverance, the helicopter dropped onto the surface of Mars. While four cm (almost 10 cm long) do not sound too high, the principal aim was to make a good landing a major milestone. However, the helicopter faced several challenges, from a horizontal position on the rover to a vertical position until it was set, which involved a multi-day method of flipping.

The helicopter now has to fuel itself and heat up with the ingenuity now removed from the perseverance. The light by the use of its solar panel is the key fuel for the helicopter. Its boiler, however, may have a more difficult task to keep the helicopter heated during the frozen cold nights at Mars, where temperatures could are as low as -130 degrees Fahrenheit.

The first controlled flight on another world, now scheduled only for the beginning of August 11 is the helicopter's target if the Ingenuity continues in the harsh conditions. The primary goal for Ingenuity is to pursue five flights on the Mars surface in about 30 days before it settles forever.

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