NASA’s Mars Rover Turns Mars Air Into Breathable Oxygen

While NASA's Mars rover, nicknamed Perseverance, primarily sought evidence of ancient life on Mars, the rover did more than succeed by turning the carbon dioxide in Mars on 20 April into particles in the air oxygen.

The NASA Agency reports the NASA-led Jet Propulsion Lab had equipped the rover with the instrument Mars Oxygen In-Situ Use Experiment (MOXIE) that permits Perseverance, by heating the gas at approximately 1470 degrees Fahrenheit, to isolate oxygen atoms from carbon dioxide molecules, and to make carbon monoxide a byproduct. During the first test, the device provided approximately five grams of oxygen or enough to breathe in a fitting lonely astronaut in approximately 10 minutes.

NASA’s Mars Rover Turns Mars Air Into Breathable Oxygen
Image Source: NASA

This experiment will pave the way for future missions involving oxygen-necessary human explorers who explore the red planet. Moreover, NASA has estimated that it would take approximately five thousand pounds of oxygen to release a single racket that carries four astronauts. This is why these good tests would be useful. This number is not feasible.

It just shows how close humanity is to Mars exploration and space technology to take advantage of humanity itself.