National Broadband Policy consultations start to ensure the Internet faster

The long-standing Internet problems of Pakistan seem to be getting closer and the nation that is affected by some of the lowest Internet speeds in a world that keeps driving towards 6G may soon be helped. On Tuesday, the Ministry for IT (MoIT) declared it had started the initial round of consultation on drafting a National Broadband Policy 2021 with the appropriate stakeholders. The meeting was chaired by the IT Ministry Secretary and attended by senior officers of MoITT, PTA, GSMA, Tabadlab, FAB World Bank Consultants, and other stakeholders.

Due to the technical advances made by the Fourth Digital Revolution and Pakistan's growing reliance on the Internet to ensure socio-economic progress, the National Broadband Policy has been formulated. As energy and gas are called utility companies, this legislation declares "broadband as a service provider" – a central pillar of the politics.

It has been stated that Pakistan has stepped up efforts to match its Internet penetration to the rest of the world, with Pakistan's Internet quality being the least in South Asia. Among the efforts are the establishment of a 5G planning commission and 9 Fiber Optic programs.