Neo TWS earphones are expected to arrive on April 7, featuring the cancellation of Active Noise and more

In February 2021, Realme launched Buds Air 2 TWS earphones and announced that the wireless earphone 'Buds Air 2 Neo' will be published on April 7th in a more accessible version.

Realme Pakistan has confirmed this, sharing the overall architecture and core features of Neo. The Buds Air 2 Neo looks pretty much like Buds Q. The only remarkable distinction is that the 'R' logo of the Realme no longer appears on the Buds Q. In addition, the loading case is fitted with the pairing button between the two buds.

The company maintains that Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) will be available in Buds Air 2 Neo, which is identical to Buds Air 2. A Dynamic Bass Boost driver of 10 mm will also be rocketed on the Buds Air 2 with a performance of 28 hours, three hours more than that provided by Buds Air 2.

The earphones and the charge case's battery capacity have not been disclosed yet, but we should expect more info soon to arrive with the disclosure only two days out.

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