New ‘Instagram Remix’ copies Tiktok duet feature

Instagram operates an "Instagram Remix" option for Reels and is handled by Facebook. It is a rip-off of a common Duet function called TikTok.

Duets enable users of TikTik to create new videos that include another video in the app, both of which appear side by side on the screen. This makes it easier for users to respond to other videos by making their own videos which can be posted online.

Using Instagram Remix, creators will be able to catch a new video from the original that is accessible by clicking on the 3-dot menu of the reel they want to remix. Users can adjust the sound, video themselves, and record a voice-over after they have been filmed.

Only new reels will be available for Remix immediately, according to an Instagram statement

You can mix your own reel, but not remixed reels or reels that the manufacturer has not chosen to allow mixes. You can remix your own carryovers but not remixed carriers or reels which are not approved by the maker.

The company is very committed to ensuring the daily function of short form video material. It attached a Reels icon to your homepage and made sure the videos were added to the worldwide Lite application. It gets closer and closer to the same thing as TikTok.

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