Now Twitter Allows Users to Add Stickers to Fleets

Twitter revealed a number of Fleet improvements now. Now users may also add GIFs and stickers to the Fleets, which makes them even more similar to Instagram Stories. In essence, fleets are stories seen in the iPhone and Android Twitter app.

"It is just an improvement in your fleets. You can now talk with stickers. You can express yourself. Tap the Smile Button, on Android and on iOS, add GIFs and Twemojis to the float."

Users can now add stickers by clicking on the icon on your screen's bottom row during the floating phase. A series of animated Twitter sticks and emojis can be found. In addition, Twitter will pull up GIFs from Tenor, and Facebook-owned Giphy, when they check for something on the search bar.

Twitter says that both Android and iOS users will be provided with stickers for fleets. Since the company plans to roll out in point, it might not yet be available for everyone. So, if you do not see the option of adding stickers to your account, be patient as the website may still be rolling it out for all of its users.

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