Oculus has turned on wireless PC streaming for the Quest 2

For the Quest 2 virtual reality headset, Oculus enables the Air Link PC streaming feature. Air Connection is part of the app update of Oculus v28, which has recently been updated to the headset owners. The head of the Facebook Reality Labs Andrew Bosworth says you would be able to find the feature if you run v28 on your PC and the headset Quest 2.

Air Link lets Quest 2 owners play PC VR games wirelessly with a powerful Wi-Fi connection on their headsets. Initially, on v28, Air Connection was disabled. As Upload notes, however, the owners of Quest 2 discovered a way to turn it off unofficially and Oculus had warned that the experiment "not indicative" of the final outcome. Bosworth says Oculus releases this function today as "Air Connection enthusiasm cannot be included," the update originally planned to take place next week and is thus moved a few days by Bosworth's tweet.

From Oculus Link, Air Link developed and used a USB-C cable to run PC VR games on the Oculus Quest system line. (Oculus claims that a cable always gives you the highest-fidelity to the graphic and, contrary to Air Connection, can charge you your headset during the play.) Virtual Desktop, a third-party software, has also included a similar wireless feature. Air Link could less appeal to the Quest 2 owners, depending on the results. However, Oculus does not present the feature to its initial Quest headset at the moment. An experimental function also includes Air Link. Utilizers may predict bugs around the launch if it's like the original link, so at least the launch comes a little earlier than expected.