Oppo and Vivo will both launch Foldable smartphones production after Xiaomi

A Chinese website for microblogging and tipster revealed that foldable displays aim to mass production for upcoming Oppo and Vivo smartphones. The foldable smartphone has been unveiled this year by Xiaomi.

Digital Chat Station posted the information on the website online and revealed that both Oppo and Vivo run on two models: one with a flexible 8′′ screen and another with a 7′′ foldable screen. The leaks have said that the 7-inch Oppo panel was near large-scale output in early January as well. But the exact time for its commercial launch is yet to be decided.

With their 8-inch flexible screen, the Vivo pliable smartphones come with an awesome hinge feature. It is still fast refreshing and has a folded form in size of 6.5 inches. Xiaomi recently launched the first foldable smartphone, enabling us to wait for the arrival of their own versions from other Chinese companies including Vivo and Oppo. Unfortunately, the exact launch date of these items is not disclosed at the moment.

In addition, new foldable devices from such manufacturers are expected to be put on the market in the second half of this year. This will also enable the flexible mobile industry to expect more competition in 2021, and prices will remain stable and affordable for these high-end smartphones.

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