Over 533 million Facebook users have been leaked online, including their phone numbers

In news, a user has released contact information and other personal details in a low-level hacking forum which were collected free from millions of Facebook users.

Over 533 million Facebook users from almost 106 countries across the USA, Europe, and Asia are personally contacted. The data contains a phone number for the user, Facebook ID, full names, places, birth dates, biological information, and in some cases e-mail addresses.

After a recent update in information, the company's data was scrapped in a vulnerability fixed in 2019, according to a Facebook spokesperson.

While the list could be a few years old, it should be said that cybercriminals may be more likely to impersonate anyone or to cheat a certain individual by using such personal details.

The following has been said to business insider by Alon Gal, CTO of cybercrime intelligence company Hudson Rock:

"Such a database of private data like telephone numbers for a large number of Facebook users would definitely cause bad actors to exploit the data to carry out social engineering [or] hackers."

In January 2021, when a user in a hacking forum said that an automated bot would supply hundreds of millions of Facebook users with phone numbers in return for a price, Gal discovered first the presence of this info. Ever after, it seems that in one of those forums this list is commonly accessible.

Cybercrimes have become more frequent as the planet moves into a more modern ecosystem. It is also important that users remain remote from all offerings and conform to checked websites and sources.

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