PAEC develops the first indigenous ICU ventilator in Pakistan

On Wednesday, the PAEC of Pakistan announced its creation of the country's so-called "i-Live first Indian intensive care unit (ICPU).

As stated in Dawn, the ventilator was designed in the light of all necessary specifications and regulatory requirements by researchers and engineers from PAEC, the body said in a statement that physicians at the PAEC Hospital in Islamabad have provided information during the development phase.

"The 'i-Live' ventilator has passed all internal inspection and tests, as well as the independent review and testing carried out by the Pakistan Innovation and Technology Center and the Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC) evaluation team during their growth period," said PAEC.

The statement also stated that clinical ventilator trials in Jinnah Hospital in Lahore were performed under the direction of senior physicians, biomedical and medical engineers.

"All levels of engineering test and medical validation were successfully passed by the ventilator," he said.

PAEC spokesman Shahid Riaz Khan told PAEC that the ventilator has today been licensed by Pakistan's Drug Regulatory Authority (Drap), which now produces the so-called "i-Live," and supplies it to hospitals across the world.

"This is a huge leap in the design and production of life-saving devices," he said.

PAEC Chairman Muhammad Naeem congratulated physicists, engineers, and physicians engaged in the ventilator design that 'the mass manufacturing process of i-Live will immediately begin, in the light of the ongoing corona pandemic, to satisfy the growing demand of hospitals for this essential equipment.'

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