Pakistan Gets Its First Female Google Developer Expert For Flutter and Dart

The environment of the developer has played a key role in this progress, with technology progressing rapidly. As of now, women in the technology ecosystem have taken their place in Pakistan, and one of them is Sakina Abbas, the first female developer expert for Flutter and Dart in Pakistan to win the award.

Google's Google Developer Experts is an official initiative that includes a network of widely qualified technological experts, influencers, and thinkers who regularly promote entrepreneurs, businesses, and industry groups through activities and content publishing. These practitioners help grow and create communities worldwide, helping them develop and deploy highly creative applications.

As an update, Flutter is a Google-based open source UI SDK. This development software kit helps users to create iOS and Android applications and also generally develops web apps for all platforms. Dart is a programming language, on the other hand, that is simple to use. Dart has become one of the most common languages for developing apps because of his familiarity with the C language.

The invention of apps is undoubtedly the industry's potential. Developers and specialists have been increasingly needed in diverse sectors of the industry based on digital infrastructure and solutions.

Sakina has a degree in FAST technology and growth that has contributed to the establishment of her own start-up, "ReacTree," which is designed to help companies expand through digital tools.

Her interest in Flutter and Dart led Sakina to study the technology and to share her experience with people from around the world.

When the latest GDE heard the announcement, in a recent post:

"While you were supporting me, thank you all and all of you. It is the fact that at the end of the day you will benefit from me and then apply it yourself that motivates me to continue to contribute in whatever way I can to the culture."

It just shows that the world of developers is available to everyone and everyone can learn and influence.