Pakistan is developing the first ever advanced RSW fishing boat

The first-ever state-of-the-art refrigerated seawater (RSW) fishing boat has successfully established Pakistan as a landmark for the fisheries industry.

Business Recorder reports that the latest technology was set up and presented to Dr.Iftikhar Ali Malik, President of the South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation, by the award-winning Parachinar engineer Dr. Zahid Ayub (SAARC).

The occasion was present as well, former President FPCCI Eng Daroo Khan Achakzai, chairman of the Muslim Exportation Association Khan Banowari, eminent SME specialist, founders of the SAARC Secretary-General Rehmat Ullah Javed, and others.

Dr. Zahir Ayub said that seawater cools to zero centigrade in the RSW scheme, while fish are stored at that temperature before they reach the harbour.

He said that this technique would help poor Pakistani farmers and also change their socio-economic status by exporting fish and stimulating the fishing industry because now fish are not spoiled and therefore their losses are reduced to nil. He emphasised that, because of a shortage of adequate cooling of international norms, the European Union has for decades prohibited the sale of fish from Pakistan.

No single fishing vessel registered in Pakistan was previously fitted with even a basic type of cooling seawater system. He said that there is no other solution for fishers in Pakistan than to use ice blocks and, when melting, they must either return to the fish with less catch or return with a spoiled catch.

He later pointed out that his team, which was also co-engineered with Isotherm Inc. in its latest RSW-technology, is basically about to mark a new age for local fishing and could even threaten the world if everything works out.