Pakistan run out of oxygen like India fast, but reviving this old steel plant could prevent disaster

Pakistan Steel Mills (PSM) staff have demanded of the government that it reactivate an oxygen plant in the Steel Mills, with a capacity of 520 tonnes pure oxygen daily, according to a Sunday article. The rest were excluded from their positions from the 40 workers and staff who work in the oxygen plant. The staff believed that within a week, a war-fought oxygen plant can be fully operated and satisfy the country's oxygen requirements.

The trend is that Pakistan is now undergoing a "catastrophic" scenario like India due to the deteriorating 3rd COVID-19 surge. The hospitals do not have oxygen and are looking for additional cylinders to deal with the rising number of patients in Covid-19. The oxygen producers have warned that a life-saving oxygen gas such as India is not an acute level unless the government acts immediately.

"We currently produce gas for our full output, which [soon] will have an effect on the health industry through the continued delivery of oxygen to factories," they warned.

The crisis is widespread in Pakistan's main hospitals as the saturation of increasing cases is approaching Covid-19. On April 18, as ventilators meant for Coronavirus patients started to sound warnings, the situation became serious at the Pakistan Institute of Medical Science (PIMS). As the oxygen pressure supplied to a patient decreases below the required amount, the fan alarms are triggered. It fell from 100 to 70 percent that day. Low oxygen pressure in the tidal wave of patients with Covid-19 is claimed to have the largest medical establishment in Islamabad.

In Pakistan, 5 870 new cases of coronavirus have been reported, reports Geo News, according to recent data of the National Command and Operational Center on its official web portal.