Pakistan stresses the need to overcome the global digital divide

Pakistan's Ambassador Munir Akram, President of the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) has highlighted how important political commitment is to bridge the "digital divide" between under-connected countries and highly digitized countries so that the developing world can take advantage of digital opportunities.

"These prospects include improved competitiveness in all industries, in agriculture, production, services, banking, trade and connectivity, job generation, the fastest increase in jobs relevant to the ICT industry, and the expansion of digitization," he added.

In highlighting the vast divide in the field of digital technology, he said that while 87 percent of people are online in advanced countries, in the poorest countries only 19 percent are connected.

The chief of the ECOSOC stated that the underprivileged cannot currently access the required resources, bridging the digital divide would require investment in hardware and software.

"Infrastructure needs to be invested. Broadband infrastructure, internet cables and the last-minute solutions needed to link the globe," he said.