Pakistani student designs a smart cap to help the blind People

A student in Lahore has created an intelligent casket designed for people with visual disabilities, allowing them to walk comfortably without sticks or without any assistance.

A designer, the invention of Muhammad Ahmed enables blind people to walk alone or to cross the road without support. He has built an intelligent hat, as stated in News, which was part of his final year assignment.

He clarified that he uses two sensors to detect something around 2.5 meters in length and alert the blind person of the vibrations during the sharing of the cap feature. The cap contains different vibration sets in order to alert people with visual impairment about the obstacles, obstacles, and directions.

"The vibrator on the right-hand side will vibrate if the barrier is on the left-hand side, then the vibrator on the left will respond, but when the obstacle on the front, both vibrators will operate simultaneously," said Ahmed.

The creator also said that a sound beep was developed to warn the visually impaired individual in a rush zone in which vibration sensors could not work correctly. He said the sensors in the cap were exactly the same as in the car park.

He added that he had been working on the idea for a year and that it still had to be enhanced. "I have decided to give it free of charge to the people who experience vision loss, and I need government support for supporting more worthy people," he said.

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