Peshawar Traffic Police YouTube Channel is Now Live

A YouTube channel has been unveiled by Peshawar Traffic Police. The YouTube channel is designed to inform road users of the rules on traffic. In addition, the channel will update the local roads on the traffic situation.

Chief Transport Officer Abbas Ahsan unveiled the YouTube Channel at a special ceremony at the headquarters of the traffic police. The YouTube channel will broadcast programming in two languages- Urdu and Pashto, according to the Chief traffic officer.

The CTO added that the project will provide road users with traffic alerts every 15 minutes in the city of Peshawar. In addition, in the event of road closures from 9am to 5pm, road users can learn about alternative routes every day. The channel would improve the management of traffic.

"Streaming live on YouTube is the Peshawar City Traffic Police. Live traffic alerts and updates of police activity and knowledge of the laws and regulations are available in the region," said Abbas Ahsan.

He added that health and education specialists and law experts will train drivers and motorcycle riders via the YouTube Channel on different laws and on the present situation of Covid-19.

The IT team in the traffic police also appreciated the efforts and said that they did an excellent job by launching the channel for the people of the capital.