Preparation of 'growing' artificial meat in spinach leaves

U.S. science experts created a new invention that could be safer and more environment-friendly to making artificial meat with spinach leaves.

It should be remembered that artificial meat development has been underway for the last 70 years and over a dozen laboratories and startup firms around the world continue to work on improving artificial meat production and efficiency.

Furthermore, meat is rich in a wide variety of proteins which make meat the most important human food. That is why the "healthy diet" needs meat to be included.

However, raising more cattle for meat often pollutes the ecosystem, although these animals have separate food requirements.

In laboratories, artificial meat is created to solve this and several related problems. Although there is no way to mass-produce artificial meat in an environmentally sustainable manner so far.

On the other side, it should be kept in line with the true "normal meat" flavor and look of artificial foods.

In this regard, scientists at Boston College carried out promising experiments in spinach leaves to create a "crop" of artificial beef.

They separated meat-producing cells and raising them in a petri dish during the experiments from three different groups of cows.

Around the same time, the spinach leaves were internally drained out from the cells, leaving empty veins and membranes only.

The next step established favorable conditions by injecting cow's cells in the spinach's hollow leaves.

The cells of the cow were separated and replicated after 14 days. And several days after, artificial flesh was full of hollow spinach leaves.

Glenn Goddard of Boston University and his collaborators find in their latest edition of the online research journal Food Biosciences to be able to show that artificial meat is cultivated on spinach leaves. 

They intend on speeding up the process in future studies by growing artificial meat yield and searching for other animal cells and the leaves of other vegetables.

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