Proton Celebrates Its First Milestone in Pakistan

The way that a company does in terms of volumes in specific markets, especially if its sales volume is good, is often a powerful marketing strategy. In January of the beginning of this movement, Morris Garages (MG) Pakistan publicly announced its sale of 1000 SUVs in Faisalabad.

Proton Pakistan has opted to follow in the footsteps of MG and shared a photo of its own in social media celebrating the sale of 1000 units in Lahore. It is surely a big achievement for Proton, whether it's either the SUV X70 or the Saga sedas.

The firm officially debuted in Pakistan with the introduction of the X70 SUV in December 2020. However, the X70, while a cheap, but strong confrontation is not as popular on the road as some other SUVs on the market, including KIA Sportage, MG HS, and Hyundai Tucson.

Reports indicate that, once the SUV really starts taking it off on the tracks, the Pakistani market will experience a rapid explosion in X70 popularity.

According to reports from the reputable automotive news website of Malaysia, Proton has struggled to meet SUV requirements in Pakistan, adding that the SUV waiting list is 6 to 9 months long, as all SUV CBU units are snapped from the market.

Also, a hot topic for discussions between car buyers a few weeks after its launch is the Saga Sedan, as it is a C-Segment Sedan that offers great benefits to those seeking a subcompact family sedan.

Little later than predicted, Proton's 1000 unit mark has probably come from the demand and supply difficulties of the X70 SUV. However, now that local vehicle assembling is due to begin shortly and Proton's sales can only be guided from here, as Saga's popularity is increasing, as well as the general growth of the market for cars in Pakistan from late in the day.