PTA extends support for the implementation of mobile number portability by the Sri Lankan Telecom Regulator

In the context of the successful implementation of Mobile number portability (MNP) in Sri Lanka, the Pakistan Telecommunications Authority (PTA) has extended training and technical assistance to the Telecom Regulatory Committee of Sri Lanka (TRCSL).

The Sri Lankan Regulatory Authority has planned the introduction of MNP in its country for smartphone users and intends to pursue the PTA procedure.

MNP is a program that allows the cellular customer to shift their network unchanged. Pakistan was the first country in South Asia to implement this mobile consumer facility in 2007.

The PTA organized seminars on the MNP and consulted TRCSL officials on best practices and their relevant issues. The PTA's help to replicate the MNP model in Sri Lanka has been recognized by the TRCSL. The PTA recognizes the close collaboration between both regulators. The PTA appreciates.