PTV Sports and News Are Going HD Soon

On Wednesday, Fawad Chaudhry, Federal Minister of Information and Broadcasting, said that he would resume introducing new changes, which were initially started in 2018.

The reveal that the archaic PTV News will also be turned into an HD channel before 1 June 2021 is one of the several announcements made on his official Twitter account.

"PTV Sports will be an HD channel in the same year," he said.

The Minister has proposed new loans for young filmmakers, ending in a "first priority" requirement in film and theatre.

With regard to journalists and a reaffirmation of their digital presence, he said that PM Imran Khan's living rooms will be provided to reporters and journalists. Health cards will also be distributed to printing and mobile media persons.

More specifically, he clarified that "We help new media entirely," the government will guarantee payments for the digital sector employees.

In August 2018, Fawad Chaudhry was previously appointed Minister of Information and technology, and recently reappointed as Minister of Information and Technology.