Ramadan 2021: Tips on Fasting During The Coronavirus Breakout

No one doubts that this year Ramadan is very different and it can be very difficult to fast. Such conditions will inevitably lead to hunger, boredom. Besides this, extended periods of non-food and drinking can weaken the immune system in these conditions where our health is at risk and cause serious health problems.

We also set out a few tips to help you maintain your fasts during the Coronavirus outbreak to make the holy month easier and less worrisome:


It is important that you have something to eat that will get you easily during the day and hold you up to iftar. Go for food products with a high fiber, so they slowly release energy, keeping you longer. Oats, bread, protein, and fruits can be typical examples.

Ramadan 2021: Tips on Fasting During The Coronavirus Breakout


Avoid as much salty food as possible because it does not only make you thirsty, but excessive salt can cause serious health issues if you have a long fasting day ahead of you. You can have high blood pressure and other heart problems that may be bad for you with the current pandemic.

Ramadan 2021: Tips on Fasting During The Coronavirus Breakout


Ramadan tends to dehydrate you; it is natural that you face dehydration and feel the immune system slowly decreasing without food and water for a whole day. Try using tons of drinks or foods that increase your immunity and keep you healthy.


We know that it is not easy to keep up with the new lockdown. Being afraid of leaving and being careful of human contact gives us all bad anxiety. This is not appropriate for our physical or mental health and just gets worse by fasting. Headaches and panic attacks can occur. To best cope with the situation, stay busy signing up for a workout, try new recipes online, learn more about our faith or even review new internet courses. You won't care much about food and have a smoother fasting experience with all these exercises and additional tasks.

Ramadan 2021: Tips on Fasting During The Coronavirus Breakout

Ramadan is definitely a challenge this year, and even though you sit at home safety checks are a top priority. These tips will be useful over the remainder of the month to relieve your stress. Keep fasting secure and comfortable!