Research reveals that leading technology firms are wealthier than most countries

MacKeeper's analysis shows that a significant majority of the global economy is dominated by some of the world's largest technology firms. Analyzing Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, and other countries' current value, and comparing them to the GDP of the various countries, shows interesting findings.

For starters, one of the technology giants almost without COVID-19 influenced, Apple, with a value of 2,2 trillion dollars, is richer than 96% of the world. The iPhone's maker is currently financially exceeded by just seven countries. The study says it might one day surpass the US$21 trillion to become Apple's richest entity, according to the latest growth trajectory.

Microsoft's $1.8 trillion markedly less value remains enough to place it on a par with Canada as a whole. Overall, only 9 countries have more money worth than the Windows creator.

While Facebook doesn't cut it, it is still a major multinational leader in the world when it comes to businesses with the highest valuation, with a market cap of US$ 763 billion. Facebook is ranked 26th wealthiest country in the world than Switzerland, Sweden, and the UAE combined.

While it delivers a service we all will use almost every day, it's worth "only" 1,6 trillion dollars to Amazon. This means that the business makes over 92% of the world's profits. MacKeeper went a little closer and pointed out that Amazon generates 351,531 dollars per employee per annum, more than the largest per capita GDP in the country.

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