RIP LG: The company closes its smartphone business officially

LG has publicly announced that it closes its mobile company after a string of continued financial losses. The Board of Directors of the company accepted the decision. The corporation is willing to concentrate on other fields such as EVs, IoT, and B2B.

The fact that the company has agreed to have updated apps for LG smartphone users doesn't need to think about it. Obviously, for a limited period of time, updates are available.

By July 31 LG will completely close its entire smartphone market. The organization says, however, the inventory could be still available after the above date of some current versions.

In an official press release, LG said,

The existing inventory of LG phones will remain for sale. For a period of time that varies by country, LG can provide consumers with service support and app updates for current mobile devices. During the closing of the cellular market, LG will cooperate with suppliers and business partners. Jobs details at the local level will be decided.

LG made a smart decision by focusing more on the areas the firm is advancing. LG has every hope of being a mighty 6G rival.

In order to further improve competitiveness in other industries, LG will continue to exploit its mobile experience and develop connectivity solutions such as 6G. During the two decades of LG's mobile market, core technologies that have been created will be maintained and used for current and future devices.

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