Robots on Swiss planes will kill germs

The Swiss aircraft can be disinfected by ultraviolet radiation robots.

The tourist and aviation sectors have caused irreparable harm to many businesses worldwide. There are various incentives to draw travelers from around the world to travel again.

To this end, the Swiss startup UVeya has created aircraft-disinfecting robots fitted with antimicrobials.

These cross-shaped robots pass between the ship's seats and disperse the ultraviolet rays from the instruments placed in all directions. Yoviya says that in just 13 minutes, a medium passenger aircraft can be sterilized by this robot (with an ability of approximately 200 passengers).

"Final 50 years of hospitals and labs have been used for ultraviolet C (UVC) radiation science, said UVA co-founder Hodok Elmiger. However, these rays can be fatal to humans unwittingly, "which is why we've looked at independent robots."

He said his team had experimentally built three robots, one of which was seen last week on Helvetic Airways aircraft at the Zurich airport.

In the next step, Danata, a company offering airline services, will perform additional testing at Dubai Airport to enhance the safety of technology.

The aim of testing antibiotic robots in aviation is to regain passengers' trust by reanimating the post-Corona disruption of the air travel industry.

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