Samsung Patents A Flip Phone Which Will Have Dual Punch-Hole Selfie Cameras

Samsung has made a huge impact with their flagship smartphones on the mobile ecosystem for many years. Since then, the firm has been aiming to retain its leading spot by patenting a new, Galaxy Z Flip-like, punch-pitched selfie camera.

First of all "LetsGoDigital," which also contained schematics of the patent, posted the news of this patent. The fun thing about this foldable phone variant is that this gadget can be folded in two ways, i.e., in and out while maintaining a regular appearance.

The patent also showed how the gadget has a special 360-degree hook, to guarantee two-way folding. In addition, and though it's all twisted back, the whole screen can be seen.

The highlight is the two punch-holes front photosensors that are used by the users to edit the image using the top of the half-screen as a viewfinder. The phone has been speculated to be the first foldable phone to have fingerprint protection with a touch identification device.

To now, this is just the patent that is not declared by Samsung while the device is being created.