Samsung Take Over Apple, the largest mobile manufacturer in the world

According to recent research from Strategy Analytics, South Korea's Samsung mobile manufacturer successfully defeated Apple and obtained a leading spot in worldwide smartphone sales in February. Because of big iPhone 12 sales, Apple was the market leader in the fourth end of Q4 2020 last year.

In the last month, Samsung saw revenue rise to help him restore his position. The company has reportedly shipped 24 million devices and in February 2021 it gained 23.1% of its market share. Meanwhile, with a market share of 22.2 percent, Apple was able to sell 23 million units. In addition, the Chinese smartphone company Xiaomi is the third on the list with 11.5 percent of its market share, followed by Vivo and OPPO with 10.6 and 8.5 percent of their market share.

The market share of Samsung in January was 15.6%, while Apple stood at 25.4%. Compare with last year, Samsung saw a 26 percent increase in shipments. The company's revenues were most likely driven by a launch in January 2021 of the Galaxy S21 series. Another important factor in Samsung's growth is the decrease in Huawei's share. Before US sanctions were implemented Samsung was already subjected to strong competition on the part of the Chinese company Huawei, leading to the reduction in revenue of the company.

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