Shahid Afridi Explains Why Shoaib Malik’s Exclusion is not Fair

Shahid Afridi, former Pakistan captain, has asked for Shoaib Malik, a seasoned batsman, to join the T20 World Cup, national squad.

After the mid-term twitches at SuperSport Park, Centurion, on Friday, Pakistan won its fourth T20I against South Africa, his remarks were made.

The 44-year-old went on Twitter to congratulate the countryside on the 3-1 series in South Africa and also highlighted the issues of the thin middle order in Pakistan.

He suggested that Shoaib Malik would be able to solve the long-lasting problem with all his experience and skill.

Feel free Pakistan for the win of the series! Despite the win, the intermediate results where we seem to struggle for a long time have to be checked. I believe that Shoaib Malik likely to be better, especially as the year is a T20 World Cup.

While the top order in Pakistan and the bowlers contributed to the team winning the series, the middle classification proved extremely vulnerable, causing two defeats for Pakistan, one in the ODs and the T20Is.

They performed in bits and pieces, without a batsman passing through the thirties. The greatest regret of them was Haider Ali. The talented batsman, who made his debut with England for a half-century, did not have 100 races combined during his last five races.

The management must sit down and review their plans for the T20 World Cup, when a number of worthy actors, such as Azam Khan, are ready to fill the breach.