Shaniera Akram prays for India as coronavirus shatters health system

Shaniera Akram, a former Pakistani bowler, philanthropist, and wife Wasim Akram, said Friday that her prayers will be with neighboring India because the world is experiencing the worst coronavirus situation.

Akram posted a Twitter video report that points to the loss suffered by neighboring India in recent days as a consequence of the continuing pandemic.

She expressed profound regret at the worsening virus situation.

India reported the second day in a row on Friday with the largest daily count of coronavirus cases in the world, and also records of daily COVID-19 deaths.

The gross caseload in India has now gone over 16 million with 332,730 new cases.

Deaths have also been reported in the last 24 hours, 2.263 of deaths, says the Ministry of Health, while Northern and Western Indian officials and New Delhi, the capital, have warned hospitals are mostly oxidation and complete.