Shoaib Akhtar Wants to cancel PSL and IPL

Shoaib Akhtar, the former fast bowler, thinks the Indian Premier League (IPL), which is still in existence, should be delayed in view of the terrible situation of the COVID-19 pandemic in India. Akhtar said the remaining Pakistan Super League (PSL) 6 could also be put off as a result of the virus and scheduled for reinstatement on 1 June.

Akhtar said the people of the two countries suffer from the pandemic and the authorities should understand that cricket is not more important than life.

He further noted that the resources the authorities spend to host tournaments would be more effectively used to save many lives dealing with COVID-19 every day.

"India is confronted with a devastating crisis," Akhtar said. You must avoid the IPL if the IPL cannot proceed without strict SOPs, but otherwise, it needs to be delayed, given that India is burning. Since PSL has been delayed, I'm not saying this. In June too, I do not think PSL should be kept."

"To buy oxygen tanks IPL is not necessary, and the money it spends is more suited. It will save people from their death. Cricket, heroes, and entertainment are not necessary for us at the moment. In India and Pakistan, we want to save lives. I use these powerful terms because the lives of humans are at stake," he said.

Akhtar also advised the Pakistani people to abide by the SOPs and to avoid the virus. He also asked the government to apply for a curfew because the people are not concerned about the situation.