Six Russian firms are sanctioned for Russian cyber attacks on Russia by the United States

In addition to supplying resources, designing technologies and networks, and supporting malicious cyber-attacks on Russia's behalf, the Biden administration sanctioned 6 Russian technology companies to support Russia in disruptive cyber-activities, including the SolarWinds hack.

The US Department of the Treasury on Thursday accused private and government-owned firms of allowing for the cyber operations of the Russian Intelligence Services. They have resources, tools and technology development, and disruptive cyber threats to the Russian Service of Federal Safety, FSB, and GRU. The six organizations are supporting the Russian Federal Service (FSB), GRU, and Foreign Intelligence.

Antony Blinken, US Secretary of State, announced a statement in the press on Thursday: "The US Treasury Department is announcing sanctions against firms supporting Russia's malignant intelligence service operations responsible for infiltration and other recent cyber incidents." "These restrictions will limit the available Russian money for comparable malignancy."

Positive technology; AST; Neobit; Pasit; SVA; and ERA Technopolis are six Russian engineering firms approved by the U.S. Treasury Department.

"The White House wrote in a statement on Thursday that Russia will continue to be held responsible for its disruptive cyber operations, including the SolarWinds case, across all available policies and authorities.