Sony is testing a PlayStation video streaming service

After a leak yesterday, Sony announced that the company is testing a PlayStation Plus Video Pass program, with a one-year trial in Poland, where users will broadcast videos and TV shows as they see how their online subscription can be increased, reports Video GameChronicle.

In their speech with the Polish website Spider's Web, VP Nick Maguire of Sony Interactive Entertainment said the service will be open to PS3 and PS4 owners at no extra expense to provide a streaming application with a PS Plus active subscription. The service will contain 15 films and six Sony Pictures TV programs, with more on the road every three months before the trial ends.

Maguire says the company wanted to do the test in Poland on the basis of precise details, which allows Sony to see which titles have been more monitored and how often PS Plus users use the service. The executive, however, made no comments as to whether the service would be implemented in other countries.

The organization could include a new way for PSPlus VideoPass to enhance above and beyond gaming the appeal of the online subscription service, as it does not compete directly with Microsoft Xbox Game Pass, which is a Netflix-like subscription service that offers access to a robust digital game library.

Sony has access to a broad television and animation library, including anime access, through Funimation and Crunchyroll, the latter of which Sony bought for $1,175 billion in AT&T in December. Video Passen could have other means for PlayStation owners to stream videos and shows on their consoles with a PlayStation Store discontinuing sales and rents of movies and TV shows on August 31.