Spotify Founder Interested in Buying Arsenal

Spotify CEO and founder Daniel Ek showed interest in the purchase of Arsenal, the English football club. Ek was a lifetime fan of the Arsenal and recently voiced his wish to purchase Stan Kroenke, the club from its current owner.

The controlling shareholder of Arsenal football club since 2007 is Kroenke Sports and Entertainment (KSE), an American sports holding corporation. Also owned by KSE are the NFL french speaking companies, Los Angeles, and Denver Nuggets, the NBA Franchise.

The Arsenal Football Club has seen a steep downturn since the acquisition, and supporters have frequently expressed their complaints. The success of KSE in the North London club has never been great, but it has recently been fresh.

He was one of 12 clubs who declared their participation in the breakaway European Super League and Kroenke was considered to be one of the league's pioneering clubs, and he was also intended as vice-president of the league.

The whole debacle of the European Super League was not good for the supporters, and Arsenal fans, who were known to express their views, had no fear. Roughly four thousand fans of the Arsenal assembled at their stadium on 23 April to host a massive protest, with banners waving outside the stadium before their match against Everton.

Daniel Ek saw this as an opportunity window, and on Twitter, he shared his intentions.

Ek joined forces with the giants of the old Arsenal, Thierry Henry, Dennis Bergkamp, and Patrick Vieira to bring a £1,8bn offer to test the determination of the Kroenke. The KSE rejected the bid and showed prospective buyers that the club is not for sale.

On the other hand, though, Ek is optimistic that he has obtained funding to make a considerably greater offer and thinks that KSE can just sell their Arsenals football club stocks and hand control over to Daniel Ek for the time being.

Ek says, "I focus only on the club, I concentrate on the fans, and I want to put the club back into glory, I am first and foremost a fan. I want to do well for the club. That's my primary concern."