Spotify Now Let Desktop Users Download Full Albums

For its desktop consumer, Spotify brought a new version. Now Spotify allows people to browse albums on their desktop application. Users that have a paid account can download albums and playlists, however. Whereas only podcasts can be downloaded by the free account holders. Users could only import playlists from the desktop software previously. Both users will shortly see the update.

In any of up to five different devices, up to 10,000 songs can be installed. You must go online at least once every 30 days to maintain your downloads. Users need to browse to the artist tab before downloading an album and press on the download slider button in the heading of the songs chart.

How To Download Desktop Albums:

  • Go to the playlist you want to download while you are online.
  • Download switch on. The download has been successful with a green arrow.
  • Save your library downloads.

Spotify has recently redesigned the website to give listeners a smoother experience. For both smartphone and desktop apps, the company has introduced a new Podcast Charts experience. A discovery mechanism was introduced to view trending podcast episodes. It would encourage listeners to search something of keywords they are searching for. This chart is referred to as the top episodes. Recent special listener numbers are used.