Staff Members Of Ehsaas Kafalat Centre Use Fingerprints Of Women Illegally To Issue SIM Cards

A new scam emerged in recent headlines, about the illicit use of fingerprints to commit fraud or robbery. In Jacobabad, the employees of the Ehsaas Khaflat Center were found using female fingerprints to register for SIM cards. Such an event happened.

These women were recorded as biometric data with their fingerprints under the poverty alleviation scheme. Police indicated that when a woman accompanied her husband to issue a SIM, fraud was identified, only to find out that a SIM was already registered under her name.

At the Ehsaas Khaflat Centre, police determine the root of the scam where the workers replied harshly. The police subsequently detained the guilty culprits, but after a reward was received from an important official, they later were released.

This just shows that the general population can take biometric data more vigilant because they can be quickly repeated for crimes these days.