Starlink Internet Should Be ‘Fully Mobile’ By The End Of 2021, Says Elon Musk

The new Starlink satellite from SpaceX is emerging from the beta testing process, as it will soon become completely mobile. In order to enforce Starlink's operation on the road vehicles, the corporation submitted a demand to the FCC. However, first of all, these vehicles are heavy like aircraft, ships, etc.

In short, this enables users to avoid disturbing or even moving current internet hardware rather than managing it. It must be remembered that there are numerous drawbacks to the Starlink constellation.

Space X's Starlink offers the service as part of its beta trials to at least 10,000 people and over 10,000 satellites in space. Beta-testing focuses on remote areas with small internet access and would eventually shift into wider areas with beta-testing and a new application to the FCC. The monthly subscription cost around $99 between 70 and 130 Mbps for use of Starlink's services.