Students From LUMS Develop An App That Gives Guided Tours Of Lahore’s Walled City

Latest news reports from Lahore University of Science and Management (LUMS) have created the special 'Lahori Khoji' application, which offers guided tours to Lahore's city of Walled City. Dr. Ali Usman Qasmi, a professor and popular university historian, declared this initially.

As part of their work on a course on Lahore history planned by Ali the teacher, the LUMS students created this app. Under the supervision of Professor Suleman Shahid, Azan Bin Zahid, and Taymor Ali, two senior-level students at the LUMS department of computer science, created the technological aspects of the App. There were a total of 32 students divided into 5 classes, each of whom received a specific gate. They had the job of designing a path for the door, which would take a long study of the door, its diverse quarters, historical landmarks, and the current perspective of the inhabitants.

They read the work of Syed Muhammad Latif, Kanahya Latif, and Chishti on such classic text on the history of Lahore, to conduct their study and collect relevant details. They visited the walled town, spoke to locals, explored their neighborhoods on their own, found major attractions, wrote historical notes and charts of them on Google Maps. The students were led by Syed Faizan Abbas Naqvi in their search to find important knowledge about the locations.

According to Dr. Ali, before the implementation process, the program has been thoroughly researched and analyzed. The students not only read classic books, but they also went on a number of journeys to the City of Walled.

He added a disclaimer that the app has been created by students who don't know history well. The professor also noted that consumers could pass it on to developers to monitor it if misinformation exists or technological or factual error.

Click here to download the app that was launched on 18 April 2021 from Google Play Store.