Talk to Digital Einstein now!

Einstein was, of course, a great scientist, and you can now ask him questions after a great project. It shows Einstein speaking German in his own life and career. English in German

To this end, Aflorthmic and Unique have developed together with this website where Einstein can be seen speaking in a personal voice to you.

Then one may talk to Einstein, who looks very real as if he were a true scientist who stands before us. In her, Einstein blinks, smiles, and is like real people's facial expressions.

It has an entire information engine that renders it real with detailed visual technologies. You'll be much more surprised to hear it in the original voice of Einstein. The audio files from Einstein's speech were entered into the database and the voice of the machine was trained to make the same voice in Einstein exactly. One of the issues is that the audio file quality was very low, which is why the computer produced a new Einstein sound that is similar to the As sound.

This is how Einstein appears to talk to you and to share his knowledge with you very friendly. The facial features of Einstein seem very natural while talking. Like a personal assistant or a chatbot, you can talk to them.