Teach Now Google Assistant to Pronounce your Name Right

Google's Assistants fatigued Is your name mispronounced? This problem will stop as soon as you can show the helpers how to tell their identity. In the next two days, Google Assistant can correctly remember your name and even identify who you answer to when you call it loud. If you have a rough name and Google has difficulty correcting it, it can hear how you spell the name and remember it.

Holding your voice file in memory does not mean saving, it simply saves your voice. This feature will initially be developed into English and in the future will be available in additional languages.

This problem faces Google in particular when we Pakistani people are asking for our name. Though we enjoy this, Google can't express it in the right way because of the language difference.

Google said it's important to say the name correctly when telling this feature. He has added:

"Names matter, and it is annoying to try sending a text or calling and to misrepresent Google Assistant or just not recognizing a contact. We want Assistants, in particular those who are less popular, to correctly identify and pronounce names of individuals as much as possible."

The giant search engine Google announced that the natural language understanding of Google Assistant has been rebuilt to make your commands understood so that they are accurate. Instead of using these terms one by one, Google's BERT technologies can process words to other words into phrases.

Since this feature ensures 100% accuracy by the business, you can set alarms and timepieces to a high level of productivity if it is accurate.