Telegram Launches the Group Video Calls Feature in May

Pavel Durov, CEO of Telegram, has announced recently that Telegram's iOS update will soon be able to support the new group video call function in May. While its launch in 2020 was originally scheduled, it came in shortly in 2021, whereas video encryption was called last year.

Durov said, "Screen sharing, encryption, noise-related cancellation, laptop and tablet help — everything you would expect from modern video conference tools except using the UI, quick and secure telegram level," he added with the idea of a Group calling release soon.

It should be noted since the pandemic that Telegram has greatly improved thus guaranteeing users' safety. The company has pointed out that the number of users each month was 400 million after the pandemic. Telegram appears to give WhatsApp a run with privacy for his money because with its previous terms and conditions WhatsApp had received poor heat.

However, it is highly unlikely, even with the changes, that Telegram will remove WhatsApp from the most common chat app used to do so.