Telenor Quiz Today 20 April 2021 - Telenor Answers 20 April 2021

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Telenor Quiz Today 20 April 2021

Question 1: What is the name of the month after Ramadan in the Islamic calendar?
  • Shawwal
  • Rajab
  • Safa
  • March
Answer: Shawwal

Question 2: Before the fasting of Ramadan became obligatory, Muslims were ordered to fast on which day?
  • 1st Shawwal
  • 10th Muharram
  • 12th Rajab
  • 15th Safe
Answer: 10th Muharram

Question 3: How many Rakats are there in Eid ul Fitr prayer?
  • 4
  • 3
  • 8
  • 2
Answer: 2

Question 4: What is the ruling on the use of Miswaak by the fasting person?
  • Disliked
  • Prohibited
  • Farz
  • Recommended
Answer: Recommended

Question 5: In which year of the Hijrah was the fasting of Ramadan enjoined?
  • 8th year
  • 2nd year
  • 5th year
  • 9th year
Answer: 2nd Year

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