Thal Limited to set up a polyethylene plant with an investment of Rs 1.7 billion in Hub

Thal Limited reported an investment of Rs1,7 billion for a plant for polypropylene woven bags in Hub. The Topline Securities Deputy Research Head Shankar Talreja told Expert Tribune, "PolyPropylene bags are used for a number of purposes from fertilizer and sugar packaging to finished goods for agricultural purposes.

"In Pakistan sugar generates a market of 100-120 million bags per year, apart from fertilizers." He said.

The use of polypropylene ensures full recovery at the end of the life of a product. This would save the world from degradation.

While expressing his opinion about this company's latest project, CEO Syed Umair Ahmed said: "This company already has an annual production capacity of 250 million bags of paper and we will be able to cater for the local market as well as our export industry with a production capacity of 90 million tissue bag of polypropylene per year,"

Pakistan was one of the 5 largest investor nations worldwide in 2020, according to a World Bank survey.