The annual report 2020 of Huawei shows the strong growth of the company's revenue

Huawei has been really tough over the last few years, especially after the US ban saga. Most US businesses opted not to supply the Chinese Smartphone brand with facilities, turning it into a spy brand. The most prominent among these firms was Google, which has said it would not support Huawei in terms of Android's operating system. Huawei then had to go back and say it would soon launch its own Harmoney operating system. And it also said that in this matter it needs nobody's support.

The smartphone manufacturer in China has definitely proven it by posting high revenues in 2020. The annual report of Huawei 2020 issued by the company shows that the marginal growth of the company has been good.

With a net profit of $9.9 billion, Huawei achieved sales revenues of $136.7 billion. This income is up 3.3% on a YOY basis and the profit is 3.2%.

Ken Hu, Rotating Chairman, Huawei told us of this revenue:

We held tight against adversity over the past year. We also continued to innovate to generate value for our clients both to help combat the pandemic and to promote both economic recovery and worldwide social change. We have also taken this opportunity to further develop our activities, contributing to a performance largely according to the forecast." – Ken Hu, Rotating President

However, revenue in the United States amounted to 24.5%, 66% compared with 59% in the previous year. Due to the 5G roll-out in China, the company has seen growth in its wireless telecom company's business.

Since Huawei has already built technologies that have helped to build the company's digital infrastructure, the business has expanded.

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