The Channel Name Will Finally Change Without Changing Your Google Account

If you had a name you didn't want or just considered embarrassing later on for your YouTube channel, well, YouTube just made it easy for you to modify the name without having to make a big adjustment in your Google account.

From now until now, producers on YouTube will be able to update their name and image of a channel within YouTube. Prior to this, developers basically had to update all their account data on Google and hence their name would be the name they submitted e-mails from Gmail on YouTube. While this never made sense to developers who needed to make their email and Youtube more professional, this latest upgrade would give them considerably more flexibility. This update is a great idea.

In a nutshell, you should actually say farewell to your 'MyLittlePony123' YouTuber name (when you probably had such a name) and add a cooler name. However, there's still a bad side to this good stuff where you are going to miss the verification badge if you change your YouTube name. The developers will be required to request a badge according to YouTube.

To change the name and the image of your channel, just switch over to YouTube Studio on your PC or MAC and then move to the "Customization" option. On the mobile phone, though, you simply have to select your profile images and tap 'Channel edit.'