The first test flight of a "small helicopter" on Mars was successful

The first test flight of NASA's small helicopter Ingenuity is over, as the US space agency 'NASA,' which operates more than 1,5 million people around the world, broadcasts the entire operation live on YouTube through Youtube.

Since Ignatius' major rover divided Perseverance earlier this month, several failures were identified in its flight and guidance program, which took several days to repair.

The following move was taken by spinning its wings (rotors) at a certain rate to measure the efficiency of these routers. The engine routers had to spin about 25,000 cycles per minute during the mission.

The first test flight of NASA experts with a final evaluation of all facets of the engine has recently been conducted.

This ride, though, is certainly a fantastic accomplishment but it takes only a few seconds.

Notice that from the 35th minute until the finish, live streaming can be viewed.