The leading Chinese dairy company in Pakistan to introduce embryo breeding technology

"Pakistan is rich in breeds of buffalo, buffalo, and milk production. We hope to build a dairy processing factory in Pakistan to exploit their advantages and strengthen cooperation between Pakistan and China in this region," said Chen Yiyi, Chief Royal Group Officer – a leading Chinese dairy company.

The declaration of the Chinese company's partnership is as Pakistan wants to deploy its embryo-breeding technologies for Chinese buffaloes to expand its breeding and thus export of livestock.

"We are ready to share Chinese experience and embryo technology if regulations allow," said Chen. "We need to develop Buffalo varieties by using emerging technology, and collaborate with Pakistani partners to support the development of the animal breed industry as a whole in the near future."

Chen was also prepared to invest according to industry demands in relevant industrial research in Pakistan. „In Pakistan we are also prepared, in order to fulfill the demands of its national market and aim at export in both China and the foreign markets, to grow dairy products and industrial science. This will not only build up Pakistan's foreign exchange reserve but will also increase China's and Pakistan's competitiveness in Asian dairy and meat production," he added.