The overall trading volume of the Pakistan Stock Exchange is 2.28 trillion PKR, the largest in a decade

The Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX) announced on Saturday that it had crossed 2.28 trillion PKR in the first quarter of 2021, the highest amount exchanged since 2008 thirteen years ago, with its overall traded prices at the PSX. The new record was set. The news is that Pakistan's rupee is now one of the most efficient currencies in the world, and Pakistan Investment Bonds attracted more than $100 million of the largest foreign investment, showing the growing appeal of foreign investors willing to profit up to 10% of returns.

It should also be noted that on Tuesday Pakistan issued the International Monetary Fund's third loan of almost US $500 million (IMF). Moreover, headlines about Pakistan, with Eurobonds floating for $2.5 billion in foreign-currency reserves, coupled with promising news about trade resumption with India, have fuelled hope and fostered interest among investors.

The improved collection of taxes is also a good sign of the country's economy. With almost Rs3.4 trillion of taxes raised in the space of nine months by the Federal Council of Revenue (FBR), the tax evasion has exceeded its revised goal, due to higher indirect tax collections, representing more than 63 percent of the overall revenues collected by the tax machinery.

The host of positive triggers gave the Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX) positive momentum, extending its profits on Wednesday and earning nearly 100 points with KSE-100 benchmarks.

However, the bleak scenario resulting from increasing coronavirus cases and the World Bank's projected 94 percent gross domestic product (GNP) public debt growth in Pakistan in the current taxation year may soon reverse the gains.

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