The Pfizer vaccine is effective in people with serious illnesses

Below is a review of some of the more recent research on coronavirus and efforts to find treatments and vaccines for a virus-caused Covid-19 disease.

Researchers told The England Journal on Wednesday that they had no side effects from Covid-19, marketed by Pfizer and by Biotech SEE or Modern, and from pregnant women who signed up for the online survey. This report is listed.

He noticed, however, that there are still little data of this sort. He acknowledged the replies from mobile customers involved in the "V-Safe" initiative of the United States Centers for the Control of Disease and Prevention (CDC).

35,691 respondents recorded more injection pain, but headaches, muscle aches, and rabies than women who were not pregnant. And there has been a drop in fever. The CDC Pregnancy Registry had 3,958 women, but the first quarter was not a vaccine born.

The researchers reported that 46 Covid 19 vaccine-induced abortions, including 37, were confirmed in the first quarter by the Vaccine Response Event Reporting System (VARS), a joint initiative between the CDC and the US Food and Drug Administrative.

"There are no specific safety signs for pregnancy or neonatal results related to Covid-19 vaccination in the third trimester," said the V-Safe Surveillance System, V-Safe Pregnant Registry, and VARS Early Data.

The vaccine of Pfizer / Biotech Covid-19 is successful in avoiding symptoms and severe disease in people with certain fatal disorders, such as diabetes and heartsickness, according to a broad, real-world analysis reported on Wednesday in The New England Journal of Medicine.

A study by the largest provider with Israeli health care, Clate, of some 1.4 million people found that the vaccine was 80 percent effective against symptomatic diseases in people suffering from heart or serious kidney disease, 86 for people suffering from type 2 diabetes.

The vaccine was 88% successful in avoiding symptomatic infection for people who had at least three medical diseases or risk factors. In people with type 2 diabetes, heart, or cerebrovascular disorder, it was more than 90% successful against severe disease.

The effects of the second dose in clinical studies last year were lower than 95 percent of the total vaccine impact. "It is really promising that much of Covid-19 cases in the elderly and in serious disease can be avoided," says Ren Belliser, Chief Innovation Officer at Clay.

An international study showed that Covid-19 "consistently and significantly raises the risk of complications for pregnant women and their newborns."

Covid-19 is associated with a three-fold risk for severe medical problems in newborns, according to a report carried out by scientists at Oxford University. Increased risk of premature birth, preeclampsia (high blood pressure with risk of organ failure), intensive care, and mortality are required for pregnant women with the Covid-19-like symptom.

In a study published on Friday in JAMA Pediatrics, this was particularly true for rats suffering from fever and shortness of breath.

"Covid-19 is 50% more likely than pregnant-to-rats infected by Covid-19 to suffer from complications of pregnancy after pregnancy," said Aris Papazorgio co-author.

The research, carried out in 18 countries, consisted of 706 births in Covid-19 and 1,424 pregnant women without Covid-19 in the same hospital. Research has also shown that the risk of newborn viral infection may be increased by seasonal transmission. They found the risk of transmission from mother to child increased during breastfeeding.