The security flaw of WhatsApp allows hackers easily suspend your account

Security researchers found a new security problem in WhatsApp that could cause a hacker to suspend your account remotely using their phone number. This vulnerability has long existed in the app due to a key weakness.

This effectively nullifies billions of WhatsApp users, as a hacker could turn off your account remotely and prevent you from reactivating it. This security flaw can be used, even though the WhatsApp account has 2-factor authentication (2FA).

The flaw occurs because of two fundamental weaknesses, according to security scientists Luis Marquez Carpintero and Ernesto Canales PereƱa. The first failure gives the hacker access to your phone number. This does not allow the hacker access to your WhatsApp account, since the six-digit code you are going to receive on your phone will not be available.

But several failed attempts to block hacker code entries in the WhatsApp app with the incorrect code. Then the intruder will contact the help of WhatsApp to switch off your phone number from the app. You only need a new email address and a short email message saying you lost or stolen your phone.

The hacker will receive a confirmation email from WhatsApp that they can respond to quickly. This disables your account even though 2FA is enabled.

WhatsApp said that by registering their e-mail addresses in their WhatsApp account, users will prevent this issue.

Providing your two-step verifying e-mail address allows our customer service staff to reach customers if there is an unlikely problem. The conditions this researcher found would breach our terms of service and we encourage anyone who needs help to send our support team an e-mail so that we can investigate

However, WhatsApp didn't reveal whether they try to resolve this problem.

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