The spacecraft will be able to make 400 space flights annually

The first descriptions and photographs of his state-of-the-art VSS Imagine, a well-known U.N. space travel venture, Virgin Galactic.

According to VSS Imagine, passenger flights will soon commence and, once fully operational, about 5,000 persons will be able to reach the "lower space limits" with 400 space flights a year.

While its architecture does not vary much from the previous "Spaceship Two" Virgin Galactic, it is much lighter visually and looks like it's made of silver.

The VSS imagine is positioned at an elevation of around 45,000 feet on the back of a large plane, like its precursor spacecraft, where its engine can start and attain altitudes up to 100 kilometers.

The Virgin Galactic press release did not mention how far the 'ticket' from such a flight would hit space but expected thousands of space fans to satisfy their cravings.

So far, VSS Imagine ground testing is underway to secure approval to fly from the FAA.

It should be remembered that these aircraft are not only designed to promote space travel, they also have the same huge and modern passenger aviation-style capable of completing the journey in a much shorter time than it is today.