This 4-year-old Pakistani girl is Microsoft Professional Certified - is it really news?

Areesha Fatima, a Pakistani, four years old, become a Certified Professional from Microsoft. It has been Pakistan Proud, the youngest Microsoft Professional. The Microsoft Certified Professional test is normally performed by adults to show that they are well qualified for new technological tasks and needs. Areesha Fatima passed this test with a great result and showed that there is no era for new abilities to be equipped.

Areesha is a brilliant girl with the ability to easily remember things. The minimum score for an exam is 700, but 831 points have been secured. Isn't this incredible news? Yeah, but social media isn't ironically inundated with it. If it were a meme of something else, we may not only have shared it thousands of times but even remixed and tested it.

This 4-year-old Pakistani girl is Microsoft Professional Certified - is it really news?

If the subject of this writing seems quite confused, we Pakistanis do not even see it as news. It is very ironic to see. The positive stuff about us are least worrying, but "Pawwrrii ho rae Hay" quickly surprises us seriously and reveals a sense of humor, but when the sensation of fulfillment comes to pass, we are null by none.

I am not against Dananeer-The Pawwriii girl or anyone else, but when I take a bigger look at it, I can see how our role models have moved from Quaid-e-Azam and are transferring them to TikTokers. The value of smear material on many channels is not taken into account by people who genuinely serve us at the national level and make us know that more people, including Abdul Qadeer, will make a difference in this country.

Though Ahmed Shah is seen everywhere on TV, the kid who is known for saying "Yeh Mera Basta hay," it wasn't invited by Fatima Areesha. What is the reason? I think that our role models have improved. When I asked my son to make a funny Pawwri ho video, because it was viral that day, I realized I should also tell him that Microsoft Professional is now a girl 1 year younger, and how he could be.

We have deviated from our directions as a country. As parents, we have a duty to teach our children the ray of light and hope and to remind them the importance of what is not the stuff of social media, funny videos, and meme these days. You are all right to indulge for a short time but WISDOM is the most important thing, and only it can take you in the right direction.